Summoning Voices Festival at Goethe Institute Rotterdam

Saturday, 8th July 2023 – 11:00

It’s almost vacation time and the official onset of summer break will be sweetened by a weekend-long radio symposium called “Summoning Voices - A radio symposium on feminist world making”. This is an initiative by Radio Echo, a collective that is currently in residency at the Goethe Institute in Rotterdam. They contacted me over my works on Creativity and Motherhood, and interviewed me - well prepared, it was lovely! I am thrilled that the festival is opening with our conversation (about so many things, parenthood, limitations, equality, sound, Radio Loos), and that both shows found a place in the program. THANK YOU ladies! Details on what is one below: Summoning voices - A radio symposium on feminist world making

July 8-9.23

Words make language, language makes stories, and stories make worlds

Radio Echo is summoning a diversity of voices of storytellers, artists, radio makers, community builders, researchers and activists during a two day radio symposium, online at our radio platform and physically at the Goethe Institut Rotterdam. Through a series of conversations, dj sets and vocal experimentations that weave a multilayered broadcast that touches upon methods to reimagine the realities that define our lives. With it we challenge normative understandings of being together and compose a web of solidarity amongst our communities. We aim to provide a space where many disciplines can intersect, nurture each other and find a channel to influence the world with a touch of our magic.

Tune in online on or pay us a visit at the Goethe Institut Rotterdam (Westersingel 9, 3014 GM Rotterdam)

Saturday 08.07

11:00 Opening

12:00 Leonie Roessler

13:00 Leonie Roessler: On Creativity During Pregnancy

13:30 Federica Cosechi & Linda Lund Pedersen (Femø’ Women’s camp)

14:30 Leonie Roessler: On Creativity in the Postpartum Period

15:00 Mariëtte Groot (Re#sister)

16:00 POSSY & Ousa Collectives

17:00 Max Dashu

18:00 Victoria Martínez

19:00 Victoria Martínez: The Ghosts of Salome

20:00 DJ set by Mariëtte Groot (Re#sister)

Sunday 09.07

11:00 Margherita Brillada

12:00 Joanna Zylinska

13:00 DJ set by MIA

14:00 Alexander Cromer

15:00 Ana Bravo Pérez

16:00 sonic interlude

16:30 Alexandra Duvekot (Meduse MagiQ)

17:30 Sonic Witch Choir (Meduse MagiQ)

18:00 Ana Garcia Jacomé

19:00 Roselin Rodríguez Espinosa

20:00 Karaoke closing party

P.S. Could not help but mention the work of Meira Asher and the Datscha Radio folks (Gabi Schaffner, Kate Donovan, Niki Matita) in the interview!

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