Jan 7th TeslaFM - Stop and Listen The Hague!
Jan 1st Noise à Noise Compilation 21-01
Aug 11th Album Release Iran-India
Aug 10th Retrieving Beirut
Aug 8th The Akousmatik Bush
Jul 17th Radio LOOS - Glasgow Connection
Jul 3rd Studio LOOS Live Stream with Strict Nurse
Jul 1st Forum Wallis Ars Electronica Competition
Jun 22nd Noise à Noise 20.2 Record Release
Jun 21st Noise à Noise Artists Stream - Summer Solstice Session
Jun 19th Interviewing Dennis Rudge for LOOS CHANNEL
Apr 19th KEDI 2 Record Release on Baumusik
Apr 5th Musica Dispersa Festival Day II - Butcher's Tears Brewery Amsterdam
Apr 4th Musica Dispersa Festival Day I - Butcher's Tears Brewery Amsterdam
Apr 3rd Women in Experimental at Radio Ñ
Mar 29th RADIO LOOS - The Berlin Connection
Mar 8th Int.Women's Day Special Women in Experimental 12-hours of Radio
Mar 5th The Wrong Biennale - Megalith Pavillion
Feb 24th Shiraz Live Set at Labor Sonor, Berlin
Feb 17th Iran Live Set at "The Sun Shines Once More"
Jan 11th Roessler-Lefèvre Duo at De Ruimte
Jan 7th RadioArt106
Nov 22nd Iran Live-Set at The Grey Space in the Middle
Nov 14th Tehrsfahan at
Sep 27th Musica Dispersa Tour – New River Studios, London
Sep 26th Musica Dispersa Tour – The Glove that Fits, London
Sep 22nd Musica Dispersa Tour – Les Nautes, Paris
Sep 21st Today's Art – East Onwards
Sep 20th Studio LOOS at Today's Art
Sep 20th Women in Experimantal 01, Tape and Digital Release
Sep 11th sübtext řadiõ – Stockhausen's Intuitive Music
Aug 19th Berlin Residency with Shanti Suki Osman
Aug 9th Noise À Noise Compilation II
Jul 9th Blind Tapes at The Grey Space
Jun 1st On the Creation of an Audio Portrait – Tehran Soundscapes Project
May 24th Breath on Radiophrenia Festival, Glasgow
May 23rd Kernel Panic at Studio LOOS
May 16th Kalpit's Kitchen at Radiophrenia Festival, Glasgow
Apr 30th Isfahan Live Set at Datscha Radio, Berlin
Apr 6th Goa Live Set at Radio Ñ
Mar 29th Radio Dust, New Media Society Tehran
Mar 5th Workshop at Islamic Azadi University of Fine Arts and Architecture
Mar 5th Panjim and Then – Installation in the Catacombes in Yazd
Mar 4th Kalpit's Kitchen at Lights Out Listening, Glasgow
Mar 4th Panjim and Then Installation at Motorkhooneh, Shiraz
Mar 2nd Live Sets at Art House Shiraz
Feb 26th Electroacoustic Live Sets at Da Theater Hall, Tehran
Feb 24th Panjim and Then – Installation at NOEIN Space, Tehran
Jan 27th Noise À Noise Compilation
Jan 12th Dock – Ancient Palais de Justice in Liège
Dec 22nd Residency at MOOOF
Dec 7th An Improv Night at Studio LOOS
Nov 11th Musica Dispersa at Specko, Madrid
Nov 3rd Goa Live Set at Helicopter, The Hague
Oct 31st Radio Tonka with Dirar Kalash
Aug 17th Syrphe Night at Loophole with Dirar Kalash
Aug 10th Concert with Tarxun at Berlin Circus Biennale
Aug 4th Afterparty Live Set at Villa Kuriosum with Ec Azimi
Aug 3rd Live Set with Ec Azimi at Villa Kuriosum, Berlin
Aug 3rd Berlin Circus Biennale
Jul 18th Breath on Lights Out Listening, Glasgow
Jun 12th Souffles at La Colonie, Paris
Apr 20th QB.2 – Azimuth Loudspeaker Concert at Studio LOOS
Apr 18th Braided Sound at De Ruimte, Amsterdam
Mar 18th Eau at Podium Emmakade, The Hague
Mar 16th STONES at Lajevardi Foundation, Tehran
Mar 11th Musique Expérimentale at Les Nautes, Paris
Jan 28th Motabar-Roessler Duo with Cor Gout at Perdu, Amsterdam
Jan 24th Musica Dispersa Five Year Anniversary Broadcast
Nov 15th Missing Women
Nov 14th Panjim Sound Walk
Nov 12th Field Recording Workshop at Fundacao Oriente, Panjim
Nov 10th Radiophrenia 2017
Nov 10th Cultural Spaces – Installation at Sukerkar House, Panjim
Nov 2nd The Story of Space, India
Sep 28th Motabar-Roessler Duo with Cor Gout at Pianino Theater
Jul 21st Musica Dispersa Concert in Barcelona
Jun 1st Extaze in de Houtrust Kerk
May 19th Eight Premieres of Dexter Gordon’s Milano
Apr 13th Ephémère at Studio LOOS
Apr 8th Limited Access Festival Tehran – From Here to There
Mar 30th Motabar-Roessler at VROOOM, Rotterdam
Mar 17th Composer in Residence at Forum Wallis, Leuk
Mar 10th Hoogtij TEST EXTRA at Nutshuis – Tehrsfahan Installation
Jan 25th Lights Out Listening
Jan 23rd Motabar-Roessler Duo at ISOO Gallery, Amol, Iran
Jan 18th Sound Oriented at Shenaakht, Tehran
Jan 17th Tehrsfahan Installation at New Media Society
Jan 14th Motabar-Roessler Duo at RoBeRoo Mansion, Tehran
Dec 17th Concrete Timbre New York
Dec 16th Radio Premiere of “Half of the World”
Nov 1st Syrphe on Collaboradio Berlin
Oct 13th GRIT Collaborative: Water – Our World
Sep 23rd Audio DH at Today’s Art
Sep 22nd Audio DH Launch Party
Sep 4th Gaudeamus Academy – Wiek Hijmans
Aug 31st Radiophrenia 87.9 FM
Aug 18th Rencontre Architecture Musique Ecologie
Aug 13th Parking Gallery Tehran at Club Solo
Aug 7th Motabar-Roessler Duo at a Beach Festival
May 13th Ars Electronica Competition – Forum Wallis
May 6th Ayumi Paul with “Zamin Baazi” in Tokyo
May 5th The Cutty Strange – WGXC 90.7 FM – “Café Dudok”
May 1st Motabar-Roessler Duo at Grondwater Festival
Apr 7th The Cutty Strange – WGXC 90.7 FM – “Lijnbaan 166”
Mar 26th “Café Dudok” at Cicada Consort
Mar 24th Motabar-Roessler Duo at Wonderwerp
Mar 10th New Music Arena Amsterdam
Mar 3rd The Cutty Strange – WGXC 90.7 FM – “Torengarage”
Feb 23rd Field Recording Workshop – Tehran
Feb 22nd Panel Discussion and Motabar-Roessler Duo Concert
Feb 21st Field Recording Workshop – Isfahan
Feb 19th Sound Installation at New Media Society
Feb 18th Motabar-Roessler Duo at the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art
Feb 14th New Media Society Residency – Tehran
Feb 4th The Cutty Strange – WGXC 90.7 FM – “Haagse Markt”
Feb 1st Sonology ShowLab 2016
Jan 7th The Cutty Strange – WGXC 90.7 FM – “Grote Kerk”
Dec 2nd Syrphe Electronic Night at MAZE, Berlin
Nov 28th Three Rooms – Berlin
Oct 25th Project Radio UK – Lights Out Listening Group
Oct 16th Hoogtij
Sep 15th Electronic Frequencies on Conzertzender
Sep 5th Museumnacht Den Haag
Jul 27th “The Garden” at Radio Discostan – Dublab Los Angeles
Jun 7th “The Garden” on Hawaiian Public Radio
May 28th Musica Globalista – Componisten van de Haagse School
May 12th Irina Bedicova – Master Exam at the Royal Conservatory
Apr 26th De Ontmoeting – Korzo Theater
Apr 14th Radiophrenia Glasgow – 87.9 FM
Apr 9th Éphémère at Studio LOOS
Mar 13th H226 Homegrown
Mar 1st A Listening Room – Helsinki
Feb 17th 1630 AM KChung Radio Los Angeles
Feb 1st The Flexible Persona – Literature and Music Journal
Dec 4th Ghost Ensemble in Brooklyn
Nov 30th The Space in Between – Concert of my music at Regentenkamer
Oct 27th Sonology ShowLab – The Sacrificial Lamb(chop)
Oct 5th Art Songs at Podium X – Momfer de Mol
Sep 28th Garden Concert with Carmen Kata at Stadstuin Emma’s Hof
Sep 14th Geluksroute – Concert at Laaktheater
Jul 7th Musica Dispersa – Experimental Radio
Jun 21st Fifteen Minutes of Fame – Make Music New York!
May 25th Fête de la nature
May 17th “Penny for a Song” at Laaktheater
Apr 26th Institute of Sonology – Discussion Concert
Apr 23rd Oostblok Theater Amsterdam
Jan 23rd Waterloo with Mark van Hattem
Nov 7th Dans Festival Uneven 2013
Oct 10th Ephémère at Studio LOOS
Sep 5th Gaudeamus Muziek Week at RASA
Jun 21st Midsummer night at the Cemetery
May 26th De Link Concert at Het Cenakel, Tilburg
May 26th CASS Concert
May 13th Korzo Theater Concert
Apr 25th Spring Festival 2013
Apr 21st Huis Bartolotti
Feb 12th Amsterdam Blue Note
Dec 15th Haguestock III – The Museum
Dec 10th Korzo Theater
Jul 4th Nutshuis Concert
Jun 6th On the Frontline – Filmhuis Den Haag
Apr 11th Spring Festival 2012