Tehrsfahan is my contribution for Francisco Lopez and Barbara Ellison’s Project Audio DH.

Kom je mee?

A piece commissioned by Ghost Ensemble, premiered in December 2014 in New York City.

Haagse Markt

This sound collage is made from field recordings which I made during various times and days at the Haagse Markt. I cut my recordings into small pieces and reassembled those into four chapters. The Haagse Markt is the biggest outdoor market in Europe, and a vibrant meeting place of many cultures.

Je vis, je meurs

Three Scenes – A Sound-Collage

The first movement consists entirely of piano samples which I recorded and then edited. The second movement explores the human voice and the sound of the recorder. I read passages from a scientific magazine, which explain how the brain and human evolution work with music. The third movement is made up of sounds of my daily life. I recorded objects like the spokes of my bicycle, playing cards, and my aluminum mug when struck with a pencil to create a soundscape.