Radio Residency with Mark Vernon at Studio LOOS

Tuesday, 7th November 2023

A year ago Mark Vernon, whom all art radio fanatic know as the director or Radiophrenia Glasgow, and I worked manically during a four-day residency at Studio LOOS. We created a piece called “Light Cloud and a Moderate Disease”, using tape loops of thrift store tapes, field recordings of the surroundings, the LOOS grand piano, and walkie talkies. It ended up being “A meditation on memory and clarity – attachments to objects, people and places, losing and finding things, letting go of things, the blurring of edges and the obfuscation of meaning.” It ended up having the perfect length for a side A of a tape, and both of us felt after parting that there should definitely be a side B… Coming up, during our residency spanning the 7th until the 10th of November 2023 at Studio LOOS in The Hague.

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