Lost and Found Sounds, Australia

Monday, 25th April 2022 – 09:00

Coming up on Lost and Found Sounds this week we’ll hear from Raffaele Pezzella’s new solo project The Great Old Ones with the debut release Yog-Sothoth on Eighth Tower, Ian Andrews from his most recent release, Nigel Samways on taâlem, kar (also on taalem), and Nurse With Wound from a couple of releases on Lenka Lente.

The James Worse Public Address Method has released a brand new collection of tracks and we’ll hear from that, and also a new release from nd dentico on Histamine Tapes. Plus Noise a Noise has just released one of last year’s various artist compilations on cassette and from that we’ll hear tracks by Leonie Roessler and Akane Takada, Kimia Koochakzadeh-Yazdi, and Nesa Azadikhah.

Tune in to 2BOB RADIO 104.7fm in the Manning Valley or stream through www.2bobradio.org.au

Monday 25/April/2022 9:00 - 11:00pm AEST (Sydney time 24timezones.com/difference)

Later on-demand at www.2bobradio.org.au/lost-and-found-sounds

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