Acoustic Interiors Presentation at Sonology Discussion Concert

Wednesday, 19th October 2022 – 19:30

Tonight’s Discussion Concert at the Institute of Sonology is promising to be a special event. Not only fascinating music but also the presentation of Acoustic Interiors, for which I will join Anne Wellmer. Acoustic Interiors is a group project for which artists made field recordings at the old conservatory building while it was being taken apart, as well as at the new Amare building as it was coming to life. Selected pieces are presented not only on a double compilation album, but also on beautifully designed postcards with QR codes that can get you to the music. Anne was busy today organizing them, just like she has been busy thinking up this project and developing it through its many stages from group meetings to the design of the wonderful website. A New Emergences Production, made possible with support of the Konrad Boehmer Foundation, the Koninklijk Conservatorium - Royal Conservatoire and cargo site builder.

19.30 at the Amare Building in Den Haag.

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