Panjim and Then Installation at Motorkhooneh, Shiraz

Monday, 4th March 2019 – 11:00

My installation Panjim and Then at the coolest gallery in Shiraz - 20 m underground. Getting this done was a major feat of strength, and partly possible to the perseverance of Soheil Soheili. The political climate at the moment is dire, permissions are promised and then not issued, we were pushed back and forth and then ended up exactly where we should have, at this amazing place of concrete, warped like the shell of a snail, underground and out of sight but known amongst all those who love the arts.

When: 04.03.2019
Where: Motorkhooneh Gallery, Shiraz - go through the construction site and then down into the underground parking garage and you’ll find it when you cannot descend any further.
Shiraz: Street No 2

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