Iran Live-Set at The Grey Space in the Middle

Friday, 22nd November 2019 – 19:00

The second ‘act’ of The Grey Space will take the shape of a two-day event that aims to instigate your doubt with artistic installations, a symposium, performances, film screenings, music, food and drinks. You will experience The Grey Space inside out, from dusk til dawn. Over the weekend current projects are presented and provided with context, network and reflection.

When: 22.11.2019 19:00
Where: The Grey Space in the Middle, Paviljoensgracht 20, 2512 BP Den Haag

Radio Ñ is hosting live music sessions at The Grey Space in the Middle Weekend, and invited me to join. I decided to use only sounds from Iran in my live set tonight. I want to dedicate it to my dear friends, who are facing uncertain times in their country right now. With some of you I’ve had lots of contact recently, hearing about all that is going on. But it’s difficult to keep in touch with internet access being limited and sites blocked. I am thinking of you guys, especially tonight. Kiana Hedazaimik and Sina Shoaie, your bathroom ventilator is the center piece of my set tonight. And Soheil Soheili, remember that crazy suit ad I recorded in Shiraz? It’s making its first appearance tonight.

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