Composer in Residence at Forum Wallis, Leuk

Friday, 17th March 2017 – 13:00

Returning to Leuk this March to complete my field recording archive or fresh water sources in the mountains. With deep gratitude to Javier Haagen and Forum Wallis, Leuk.

Leonie Roessler (Germany) is the actual composer in residence invited by IGNM-VS / Forum Wallis in Leuk. Her work ‘Stop en Luister, Den Haag! (Stop and Listen, The Hague!)’ was among the winning entries at Ars Electronica Forum Wallis 2016 and she was also invited to join the Rencontres Architecture Musique Ecologie RAME chaired by IGNM-VS in August 2016 in Leuk. Learn more about Leonie Roessler: – IGNM-VS and Forum Wallis are actually chaired by JIP.

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