Leonie Rössler

Leonie, a composer of instrumental and electronic music, is currently exploring the colorful contemporary music scene of The Hague (Netherlands), where she is writing music, getting her works performed, and Leonie just finished her Master Degree in Composition at the Royal Conservatory, where she studied with Calliope Tsoupaki and Peter Adriaansz. She also completed two years of the "Contemporary Music Through Non-Western Techniques" Program at the Conservatory of Amsterdam, under the guidance of Rafael Reina. She will spend this coming year in the Sonology Department of the Royal Conservatory, exploring possibilities in the areas of life electronics, field recording, and programming.

Leo spent the first sixteen years of her life along the Rhine in Germany - first in a tiny village, then in a small town in the Ruhrgebiet, and industrial area in the West. She played the recorder as a small child and later piano. Bored and tired of the rain, she emigrated to Southern California when she was sixteen years old and finished High School there. She moved bacck to Europe two years later, so severly confused that she enrolled at the Hogeschool van Arnhem and Nijmegen (Netherlands) where she received an Associates Degree in International Business Management. A year of suffering through marketing and finance mathematics classes drove her back to LA to study music at Los Angeles City College, located in East Hollywood and filled with the most talented as well as the most eccentric characters you could possibly combine into one school on this planet. Leo received Commercial Certficates for Piano and Guitar Performance there, along with a number of scholarships for her classical guitar playing, and finally her Associates Degree in Music.

Leonie Rössler

Severely disturbed by the re-election of president Bush she moved to San Jose, Costa Rica, to clear her mind before returning a few months later to finish her studies at California State University Northridge, graduating Suma Cum Laude with a BM in Composition and a Minor in Dance Performance. While going to school, Leo found most of her jobs through her love for contemporary art, and worked for quite a few amazing photographers, painters, and in some very cool galleries. Having to leave the Los Angeles art scene, so full of talent and innovation, has left a vacuum she has not yet managed to fill. ... (Any artists out there reading this?) ...

Recent endeavors include writing, performing, and producing the film score to On the Frontline: The Office of the Prosecutor (a documentary produced by the International Criminal Court), and active participaton as a composer in the Atlas Academy in Amsterdam, where she worked with amazing world music performers from various countries. Leonie is currently collaborating with choreographers and dancers to produce a piece for "Dansfestival Uneven".