Portait of Leonie Roessler and Takada

Akane Takada performs a series of short piano pieces to accompany soundtracks of water. Leonie Roessler had two residencies in Switzerland (in 2016 and 2017) to archive the sound of fresh water running down the mountains. Water that collects in basins on trails and in villages, clean and there for everyone to drink. All of these small fountains or basins have a characteristic sound, a different pitch, or even a melody.

Leonie Roessler field recording in Switzerland

Leonie analyzed the spectrum of these recordings, using her ears and technology, and wrote the piano pieces especially for, and in collaboration with, Akane.

Akane Takada performing live on the Piano

This work is supported by IGNM-VS / Forum Wallis because of its artistic and environmental importance in a time in which water, and “the right to water” is increasingly becoming part of a political debate. Eau was premiered at the April Edition of Ephémère at Studio LOOS in The Hague.