Radio LOOS - Meira Asher - On the Colonisation of Palestine on Unstable Saturdays

Saturday, 28th October 2023 – 23:00

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Rather than wishing you a nice weekend, I decided to share MeiraAsher’s work on the Colonisation of Palestine once more. I am not surprised at another genocide -and this one is not starting today. It is also not the only one happening at this moment. But I am shocked at the governments who are not only sanctioning it, but silencing any voices who are opposing the situation. The senator for education in Berlin, Katharina Günther-Wünsch, sent a four-page letter to all schools on October 13, banning the Kufyia and items such as stickers saying “Free Palestine”, as well as asking teachers to report students who are, even within legal grounds, displaying gestures, symbols, or opinions opposing the situation at hand. I don’t know if any other country has experienced as steep of a decline in the freedom of speech as Germany in the last four years, and in regard to a variety of topics. A “one-size fits all” media in which not even reputable experts are allowed to speak freely without having to fear consequences to their careers and personal lives. Seeing this, I am even more grateful for a letter parents received from the director of Segbroek College, stating that the diversity of the students in their backgrounds and opinions will, as always, be respected, regardless of the personal opinions of the staff. “We will as a school take responsibility in initiating conversations, and even more than normally, pay attention to the well-being of each student.” I am grateful for that, and for not having to worry whether Miles will be well and alive at the end of the day. Keep the conversation going, and please listen to Meira’s pieces and stories, share them too, as they are personal impressions of someone who is actually there. A Studio Loos Production.

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