On Motherhood and Creativity on Cashmere Radio Berlin - Happy Women's Day!

Wednesday, 8th March 2023 – 14:00

… one more Women’s Day Announcement… On Motherhood and Creativity will air on Cashmere Radio today. How wonderful to see that these works around the lives of artists turned moms are getting so much attention during Women’s Month. (I think Women’s Day is a bit short.) With many thanks to Cashmere Radio and Katharina Schmidt for scheduling “On Creativity During Pregnancy” and “On Creativity during the Postpartum Period” at 14:00 tomorrow. Asami Kiuchi Oishi, Maya Felixbrodt, Kate Donovan, Dewi de Vree, Rosanna Lovell, Maia Koenig, Darina Žurková, and Tatiana Kolganova reflect on the changes in their lives as artists when they became moms. Thanks also to Studio Loos and Gemeente Den Haag for their support.

There will be a replay on the FM in Berlin on Friday and Saturday evening!

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