On Air - On Site Live Performances at West Den Haag

Sunday, 16th April 2023

…and we continue… Again, streaming non-stop on onaironsite.com but also inviting the public to join these exciting live performances at West Den Haag on Lange Voorhout 102 today:

April 16th, West Den Haag

Live performances: 14:00
Lounge radio w/ Matteo Spanò and Lukas Grundmann
Henriett Pálházy & Patric Amico
Adomas Palekas
Lennart Sailor & Shawn Wong
Sarah Atzori
Cecilie Fang

On Air - On Site #1 is a sound investigation of a temporary radio event consisting of a broadcast schedule of 48 hours of non-stop streaming, including live performances and prerecorded work specifically composed for the festival.

By re-thinking radio as an exhibition space for experimental sound art and experimental electronic music, the event aims to explore the possibilities of a broader project with the ultimate goal of developing a community experimental radio station in Den Haag. The event will explore the boundaries of being simultaneously on air in a physical and virtual space, challenging different radio formats.

On Air - On Site #1 brings together diverse artist communities and students from the Institute of Sonology, Composition Department of the Royal Conservatory, Art Science - KABK, Cashmere Radio in Berlin and other independent artists.

The project invites the involved artists and the public to consider the physical spaces as a context rather than a location and to rethink together a different relationship between communities and experimental radio practice.

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