Lost and Found Sounds, Australia

Monday, 23rd January 2023 – 09:00

A few tracks of our Noise against Silence Compilation is being featured in this fantastic radio show on 2BOB Radio in Australia - including “Splash, Hiss, Shot”, which I composed for Akane Takada. More info on the show here:

There are great tracks coming up this week on Lost and Found Sounds including the latest blink-and-you’ll-miss-it work in Fossil Aerosol Mining Project’s Real Time Series, a track from Felicity Mangan’s “Creepy Crawlies” on mappa, and one from the latest release by Grzegorz Bojanek - a wonderful tribute to ancestral links with the Polish railway.

There’s also contributions to the latest various artists compilation release from pioneering Iranian experimental label Noise a Noise - “Noise à Noise 23: Noise vs. Silence”. From that we’ll hear works by Ali Balighi, Mehdi Behbudi, Babak Sepanta, and Leonie Roessler teaming up with Akane Takada.

There’s a work from the fabulous soon to be released and long-time-coming debut album from Sharkiface - “Climax In A Process” - on No part of it, plus there’s a stunning unreleased and posthumously finalised work by the late Garry Bradbury, recorded a few months before his untimely death in January last year.

Tune in to 2BOB RADIO 104.7fm in the Manning Valley or stream through www.2bobradio.org.au 

Monday 23/Jan/2023, 9:00 - 11:00pm AEST/AEDT (Sydney time 24timezones.com/difference)

 Later on-demand at www.2bobradio.org.au/lost-and-found-sounds

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