Chelidon Frame's Asynchronous Drone Orchestra

Saturday, 7th January 2023 – 20:00

I sent the most spectacular ten minutes of a laundry cycle in my kitchen to Alessio for this… He had invited me and waitied patiently for my track even though it was a bit late, due to all sorts of holiday activities and deadlines before… Here the official info:

The Asynchronous Drone Orchestra[s] is a remote collaborative project where different electronic musicians are asked to share one (or more) ten minutes sound - be it a drone, a field recording, or a more elaborate soundscape - following a minimal set of rules.

All those fragments and noises are then mixed and combined in a long and coherent track, resulting in a choral soundscape where the result is bigger than the sum of its parts. || || @chelidonframe || Broadcast on 07th January 2023 at CAMP ||

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