"Radio LOOS - The Hague Field Recording Artists" featured on Radio WORM, Rotterdam

Monday, 3rd January 2022 – 14:00

Dear All, did you make it OK into the new year, and now, into the first Monday of this very year? Are you up for some sonic entertainment? My day started very early with my neighbor Thomas doing heavy construction, adding a whole new layer to the construction site from across the street. And at noon we have the Nuclear Warning Siren sounding, always a treat. And then, if you have a chance, do listen to the wonderful works of Barbara Ellison, Francisco Lopez, and BMB con Justin Bennett and Rolf Toxopeus on Radio WORM today at 14.00. It’s a show with magnificent sounds from nature, and shares thoughts and ideas on listening and sounds from the artists involved. It’ll take you into a different world, a lush and tropical one, in case you don’t like where you are stuck today. I produced this show at Studio LOOS for Radiophrenia Glasgow in 2020. In case you miss it have a listen here:


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