Roessler-Lefèvre Duo at Helicopter

Saturday, 9th July 2022 – 19:00

Channa Boon created the H on the poster at Helicopter in Den Haag last year. Unfortunately the artists of this collective are forced to move and this piece will be torn down along with the building. Channa invited some artists for last performances near her H, and among them Rebecca and me. We will play pieces around the theme of Breath and Water this Saturday, using the Viola da Gamba, field recordings, live electronics, and possibly a vintage slide guitar. Rebecca is on her way now from Brussels and we will start rehearsing today. Some words from Channa about her work:

“This ‘H’ embodies the principle of the letter as a carrier of meaning and the idea that language originally arose from a direct connection with the body. The sound of the letter “H” is in fact that of the “breath” and the breath of life that is in things and all living beings, in fact a reciprocal principle; the breath of life, with which everything is animated.The workings of the work is like a kind of double magnet; being attracted to it, one wants to keep staring into it and dreaming away through the blue color and the water that endless shapes and makes reflections, and on the other hand the whole ’thing’ seems to float away, weightless like a spaceship as if that were completely normal.”

Doors open at 18.00, Concert at 19.00. Beatrijsstraat 10, 2513XE Den Haag

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