Radio LOOS Special - On Creativity in the Postpartum Period

Thursday, 20th October 2022

Radio LOOS Special II, on Creativity during the Postpartum Period, is a follow-up to the previous episode which explores the creative process artists experience while being pregnant. this piece could also simply be called “Interruptions”… How do women navigate their lives as artists after giving birth? Can the demands of motherhood be met while an artistic practice is maintained? Words, thoughts, and impressions from Asami Kiuchi, Darina Žurková, Dewi de Vree, Kate Donovan, Maia Koenig, Rosanna Lovell, and Tatiana Kolganova, to an all-too familiar soundscape that all parents will recognize at once… Dedicated to Sahil and Cristian, who have and still are doing their best to keep the interruptions they helped me create to a minimum so that I can still be that artist I want to be.

A Studio Loos Production. To listen follow this link:

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