Radio LOOS Special - On Creativity during Pregnancy

Tuesday, 14th June 2022

Today we are launching the first Radio LOOS Special on Creativity and Motherhood.

Traditionally it has been challenging for women to secure a career in the arts and to pursue art as a profession rather than simply as a hobby. When women emancipated themselves and contraception became widely available it was (and still is of course) essential to be able to chose for or against motherhood. Women also pushed for artistic careers, but often had to, or felt like they had to, chose between their work and becoming mothers. This is only changing slowly and balancing work and motherhood remains a challenge. However, many women also feel a new surge of creativity during pregnancy and when entering motherhood, and there is scientific evidence that suggests that the physical changes brought on by motherhood promotes a new sort of creativity. This episode of Radio LOOS is an informal exploration of creativity during this special time, with contributions from Tatiana Kolganova, Asami Kiuchi Oishi, and Maya Felixbrodt. A Studio LOOS Production.

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