Radio Blau, Leipzig, features Radio LOOS Specials on Creativity and Motherhood

Saturday, 5th November 2022 – 20:00

Radio Blau will play both shows on themes of motherhood and creativity tonight at 8.p.m. I want to thank them for their kind communication and enthusiasm about this project! In Leipzig you can tune in on UKW 99,2, 94,4 und 89,2 MHz, or else stream live on I want to wish you a peaceful autumn weekend and leave you with two questions in order of importance: Would it be interesting/helpful for the guy artists around to participate in/listen to a similar project on fatherhood and artistic practice? And do you guys have experience getting melted cheese out of your toaster? And thanks to Studio Loos and Gemeente Den Haag for their support! Big hug from Leo

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