ORANGE on Lumbung Radio for Dokumenta Fifteen, Kassel

Monday, 27th June 2022 – 13:00-14:00

How wonderful that ORANGE, a collaborative radio project of mine, will be featured during the lumbung radio part of the documenta fifteen. Tune in at any time for their wonderful program, or specifically from 13.00 until 14:00 o’clock today, or on Wednesday from 18.00 until 19:00 o’clock.

More info about the piece and about Lumbung Radio:

Four artists, namely Ivana Ray Singh, Anakhemia, Eden Grey, and Leonie Roessler, spent the month of October 2021 sending a track with the duration of an hour to one another, and filling it in with sound, music, and spoken word to the theme of ORANGE. They are all artists of the Sympoietic Sound Network. The network, in collaboration with Musica Dispersa Label, was supposed to host a festival near Barcelona in September of 2021. When the festival, which had been postponed before, was cancelled once more, Leonie invited members of the network to take part in a sound project at a distance - Soundtober. It was a way to still be close at a distance, to work together for the first time, and to ease into the grizzly autumn time without feeling too disconnected from one another. Curated and Produced by Leonie Roessler.

Lumbung Radio is an open online broadcast that comprises of an inter-local network of distinct radios and audio practices. It operates in no specific time zones, and streams multiple languages, music, and art. Each participating radio station depends on its own means of production, way of thinking, learning, and sharing. lumbung Radio operates as a decentralized network of nodes that uses internet without its hegemonic agency. The intention is producing an audiophonic common space built on the multiplication of the existing practices of its contributors. The radio runs on open-source infrastructure and is self-hosted on a dedicated server. The program comprises of relays and original contributions by its nodes, assembled via timesharing.

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