Cashmere Radio features November between Tehran and Den Haag

Friday, 18th November 2022 – 23:00

With the current events in Iran I have been speaking to my friends, hoping for the best, but also feeling very far away. So the one thing I thought I could do was send out works to radio stations, to create some positive ripples that way. The first round of emails I did for ‘November’, which pantea and I produced a year ago. A conversation between two women who did not know each other, spanning a month, between Tehran and The Hague, peaceful moments, thoughts, field recording, and the sound of pantea’s tar and my (or rather Sahil’s) electric guitars. Tonight at 23:00 on Cashmere Radio’s Wanderlust. Online at, and on the FM via 88,4 Berlin and 90,7 Potsdam. With many thanks to Katharina Schmidt for her prompt and kind communication, and for being a fantastic curator. My next round of emails will be on half of Noise a Noise label, in particular for last year’s all female composer album…

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