Antilounge Release Concert at Grey Space in the Middle

Saturday, 5th March 2022 – 20:30

This Saturday at The Grey Space in the Middle - Antilounge Release Concert. Just in time to celebrate the beginning of spring, finally sunshine and flowers blossoming, and the end of masks and QR-codes. Thanks to Martijn for putting so much effort into organizing this, and thanks to all the artists for their musical contributions. I am really looking forward to meeting and hearing you this weekend. On the record, and playing on various gigs of this The Hague Tour are: Loyu, Crtl-Freq, Matthew Antler, Didymus & Maj Rachel, Marric, Tonal Verges, Avé Eva 369, Charly and Gallus, Mr. Barbar, Edward Johannes, Adrian Newgent, Duxo, Poison Lolly, Stellaria Nemorum, and myself. I created a live set out of the Alarm Siren Test Sound that we hear every first Monday of the month. Paired with Sahil’ Bahl’s original 1950s National Slide guitar and controllers it makes for a hypnotic experience.

Here is a small edit to this post: I have been looking into collection points for humanitarian relief for the Ukraine and found some addresses. While our musical activities have nothing to do with the crisis, it might be a handy moment to collect things. Specifically requested are period pads for women and diapers. Should any concert goers want to drop some off with me Saturday evening I will make sure that they get donated along with my own contribution. Thanks and now to the music

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