Women's Day Special on Wanderlust, CASHMERE RADIO Berlin

Monday, 8th March 2021 – 22:00

It’s Women’s Day today, and I want to wish all women, and people who identify as women, and everyone else too, a Happy Women’s Day. Before sharing a few thoughts, I want to say that there is all sorts of sound stuff highlighting women’s works going on today. My piece Isfahan is on the Wanderlust Show of Cashmere Radio at 22 p.m. tonight. It’s a nice series to discover one way or another, and today we are just listening to the ladies. But I have mixed feelings on this day, as it is a celebration of everything that women have overcome, and a chance to observe all the injustice that still prevails. It’s such an important day, but it also troubles me. A few year’s back my son said on mother’s day that it shouldn’t just be mother’s day, but a day to celebrate all women. I told him there was such a day, but in the end it’s not really true. Mother’s day is just fun and it’s all about flowers and having cake and coffee. Women’s Day is yet another moment where women put up a fight against inequality. So I propose we keep Mother’s Day, and we keep Women’s Day because it’s important, and we also start a third holiday, maybe in the middle of summer, where we really just party to celebrate womanhood in all of its facets. After all, one can never have enough holidays. So, here is to all the women, and also to all the guys who support them.

find the episode here: https://cashmereradio.com/episode/wanderlust-womens-day-special/

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