Stop and Listen, The Hague! on TeslaFM

Thursday, 3rd June 2021 – 12:00

Hi all, friends and colleagues! It’s a bit of a radio week. And also a lot of a summer week. So first I want to wish you all that sunshine and for some of the lightness to return with it. Secondly, I want you to be well entertained regardless of the weather and all the lightness pouring in. I just finished a show for THREADS Radio in London featuring artists from Noise a Noise in Iran and Musica Dispersa in Spain/Paris. It will be on tomorrow. And today on rotation from 12:00 on, TeslaFM, The Hague soundscapes and other cool things, many thanks to Shak Benavides for organizing this great station. And I am sitting here with Meira Asher’s work political art radio works on Palestine. She and Jeremy and I had a wonderful meeting last week - at 6 a.m. for me, 7 a.m. for Meira in Israel, and midnight for Jeremy in Montreal. I was wide awake the moment we started talking about her work not only as a radio maker but also a an activist on the ground. I will share this feature with you through Studio LOOS in the coming week.

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