Stop and Listen, The Hague! on TeslaFM

Thursday, 4th March 2021 – 12:00

Another day of having the one-hour version of my soundscape “Stop and Listen, The Hague!” on rotation at TeslaFM. This is what the station says about this week’s program:

Cachichi comes in from Daphne Xanthopoulou and Błażej Kotowski, a compilation of sound landscapes they recorded every morning during their stay in Galicia. A morning journal of birds and fog. Then the album ′′ SostreterA ′′ by Iou3R. Armed with guitars, bass, synths, samplers, percussions, etc, and some voices in Catalan and Baskera treated as an instrument that narrates a journey through dark and disturbing terrain. Afterwards, the radio art piece yielded by sound artist and songwriter Leonie Roessler. His work ′′ Stop and listen, The Hague!", was initially commissioned for the Nutshuis Cultural Center in The Hague, a large facility where the audience could move from room to room and visit five different locations in the city. The piece was also suitable for radio art broadcasts. Close the Vampire, enigmatic and evocative Vampire Hall cycle. Everything is scheduled to be on rotation every four hours until tomorrow at 12 pm.

TeslaFm makes every day a journey to risky, deep listening music, for demanding listeners and awakening listeners, connect!"

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