Kalpit's Kitchen in FORUM WALLIS Highly Recommended Listening

Wednesday, 17th February 2021

FORUM Wallis, Contemporary Music Festival just shared three videos with us of excerpts their electronic music selection for the past festival, and their online listening recommendations. As always, lovingly prepared. And my piece Kalpit’s Kitchen is in it! What an honour! I had the fortune to be at the festival a few years back, and with their support also on location again for a workshop, conference, and a again for a residency. Javier Hagen, the director, and his team make sure that not only the music and performances are of highest quality, but are devoted to taking care of the artists in a most welcoming way. Wonderful memories, and I hope to be back there some time. Just a bit (or a lot) more patience, right?

Here are the two other videos:

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