Encuentros at Splendor, Amsterdam

Sunday, 28th November 2021 – 15:30

So we are playing at 15.30 o’clock at Splendor in Amsterdam today. Thank you Irene for reorganizing everything twice so we can keep the music going while everything is slowly coming to a halt around us. I am joining Rubén Castillo del Pozo and Annick Odom for a beautiful set of storytelling. Annick finds these amazing texts and stories in archives around the US and turns them into magic on stage. I am glad to be part of the trio today, with electronics just like Ruben. And then dear Maya Felixbrodt, with whom I studied and who I haven’t seen or heard in too long - with her viola and other elements. Join this last ENCUENTRO of the season by reserving a seat here. It’s very limited space because of all the new rules. https://splendor.stager.nl/web/tickets/111124876

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