A Quiet Room for Save the Children

Thursday, 30th September 2021

The crisis in Afghanistan, which flooded the media for a few days, is just at its beginning. Please consider supporting this compilation. Great music and all revenues will go to Safe The Children in Afghanistan. More details: We have all witnessed the terrible Taliban attacks in Afghanistan and how they reconquered ’their’ cities. While male Afghans were evicted or could flee from the country, women and children mostly had to stay home. Save The Children does a great job in providing every kind of aid for Afghan kids and women. Any and all proceeds from this compilation will go there to support this great cause. - aquietroom is a netlabel that focuses on neoclassical, ambient/experimental, alt.folk and the obvious drone. It’s a means of transporting stories to the listeners. Don’t forget the stories.

Akane Takada played piano on Hiss, which is included.


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