The Akousmatik Bush

Saturday, 8th August 2020 – 20:00

Open air experimental music event series, The Akousmatik Bush, takes place on 8.8.20 Saturday from 20:00-00:00.

Location is pin on 52.471616, 13.480273

Live sound in an idyllic natural setting. Amplified live music from the Bush will start from 20:00.

For this event we have performances from:

Wei Kang Beh, Dario Peris, Louis Higgins 20:10-21:00
fanfin 21:10-21:35
Bilwa 21:50-22:20
Leonie Roessler 22:30-23:20
Special Trio Show??? 23:30-00:00

Limited capacity - Please be mindful of social distancing & hygiene precautions during the event. If you’re not healthy, it’s okay to miss out, please stay at home and we hope you will get well soon.

Please help yourself to bring something to lay on the grass. Limited amount of free beer will be available.

Entrance is free but all donations are welcome.

Our solidarity stands with the Black Lives Matters movement and all donations will be given to Black Lives Matter Foundation.

This event is curated by Wei Kang Beh and Sid Talukdar.

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