Retrieving Beirut

Monday, 10th August 2020

RETRIEVING BEIRUT - A Compilation for Beirut, a place that was already in deep trouble before this recent disaster. With many thanks to Cedrik Fermont for taking action so quickly and putting this together within a day and a night, sleepless. There are four volumes of great experimental music and all income raised with these albums will be sent straight to Beirut. Cedrik, who has personal connections there, will make sure that the money really reaches people in need. “The current crisis around the world frequently reveals the incompetence and apathy of many politicians, investors, business leaders, and the ultra-wealthy. The various crises we are facing may promote division, as groups meet such extreme sociopolitical and cultural challenges. But we can also choose the option to stand together, to take matters into our own hands. I hope this compilation sends a strong message of unity against adversity.” You can support artists ein Beirut financially while receiving hours of great music by buying one or more volumes of this compilation on bandcamp.

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