Noise à Noise Artists Stream - Summer Solstice Session

Sunday, 21st June 2020 – 06:34-09:08

A solar eclipse live stream to celebrate our record release for the next Noise a Noise Compilation, nicely scheduled to delight us at the beginning of summer. I do have to say that I like this attention to detail, the way Iranians observe and align themselves with the workings of the world around them. This is the first live stream I am doing. To be honest, I’d been too heart-broken over the loss of “real” concerts (to play and attend), residencies, rehearsals, and everything that is part of our musical lives normally. Now that the pandemic situation is lightening up and we can look forward to getting back to the rich musical lives that we had, I am actually enjoying the concept of this stream, of joining some amazing artists from the label to play through this solar eclipse, a celebration of the noise that we make and our community in Iran. With many thanks to Soheil Soheili for organizing, and to these artists for playing: Ali Mohajer, Sina Shoaie, Bernisaun, Babak Sepanta, and Zoobin Askarieh. There will be a second session in the evening for the New Moon, starting at 18.00 Central European Time, which means 20.30 Iranian Time. Have a look at the posters, designed by Arman Moghadam.

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