Women's Day Special - Women in Experimental 12-hours of Radio

Sunday, 8th March 2020 – 12:00

With a huge thank you to Roberto Vilela, dear friend, who is broadcasting today, and who has done so much to promote Women in Experimental Music, sharing legends from the past, and the music of us girls on the label. Today in your show, and with the concerts you organize. I am lucky to have you as a friend. If only a quarter of all guys on this planet were like you, we’d all be fine.

To celebrate International Women’s Day we have a special programation in Musica Dispersa Radio, 12-non stop-hours playing experimental-electronic music by women from the pioneers in XX century to new artists.
Listen online @ http://mixlr.com/musica_dispersa_radio/

12-15h - Pioneers Women in Experimental (1900-1969)
15-16h - Elian Radigue - Vice Versa (1970)
16-18h - Women in Synth/Wave/Industrial (1970-1989)
18-21h - Women in Techno/Electro (1979-2019)
21-22'30h - Musica Dispersa Artists (2012-2020)
22,30-23,59h - Surprise DJ Set + Some Words (2020)

Pauline Oliveros,Delia Derbyshire,Wendy Carlos,Clara Rockmore,Tara Cross,Andrea Parker,Electric Indigo and many many more in 12 non-stop-hours
From 12 to 00

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