Women in Experimantal 01, Tape and Digital Release

Friday, 20th September 2019

A great compilation to accompany the Musica Dispersa Women in Experimental Tour of 2019:

Originally released in cassette
Recorded for the tour
Musica Dispersa, Women in Experimental
EU Tour, September 2019
Limited edition 56 cassettes
Musica Dispersa Tapes 025
Musica Dispersa Records 012

Tracks by: Narcoleptica, Oliotronics, Slvj, Rrayen, Amas, A.Y., Beatrix Weapons, Gaël Segalen, myself, Jana Jan, xname, Anastasia Vronski, Eden Grey, Elpueblodechina.

With many thanks, once more, to Roberto Vilela for putting together the tour and this release.

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