Today's Art – East Onwards

Saturday, 21st September 2019 – 19:00

East Onwards at Studio LOOS - a very personal performance. East Onwards starts in Lithuania and sonically travels to Iran and India. I have been working on this for weeks now, and am looking forward to sharing this audio trip with festival visitors and friends.

Starting time is 19:55, but there is a performance of “Cathedral of Thorns” with Evan Parker, Peter van Bergen, and Johan van Kreij at 19:00 happening already. Come and see both if you can - with festival pass or 7 Euros at the door.

With thanks to Lendrina Karuziene and her family for hosting us in Lithuania, and for New Media Society for hosting me in Tehran, and to The Story of Space Festival in India and Stroom Den Haag for their support of my activities.

When: 21.09.2019 19:00
Where: At Studio LOOS, Den Haag

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