Radio Dust, New Media Society Tehran

Friday, 29th March 2019

“Dustopedia (Ghobar-Nameh) is an ongoing research and archive curatorial project carried out by New Media Society”. I looked into it during my residency at New Media Society a few weeks ago, and was asked to contribute with a sound piece for the Dustopedia Podcast. Amirali Ghasemi found my work Breath suitable. It was initially created to accompany Ana Bloom’s photography in Paris last spring. The topic, and Mew Media Society’s response to it, is stimulating.

What is Dust? An excerpt of Amirali’s article: “Despite its popular definition, the word “dust” can be taken as a signifier to separate the periphery from the center – as the place where power is concentrated and should be kept clear, pure, and visible at any price; but the periphery, on the contrary, is a place/space for dust. It is always expelled/discarded to some remote places out of sight, dust will not attract any attention until it reaches the center. Maybe that’s why outcasts and the forgotten are always associated with dust. A center is a place worthy of sweeping, hence dust and rubble are the largest export to the marginal territories; nobody bothers to sweep the periphery.”

Links to the podcast:…/dustopedia-by-new-media-society

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