Isfahan Live Set at Datscha Radio, Berlin

Tuesday, 30th April 2019 – 21:00

It was a pleasure to be invited to take part in Datscha Radio’s first edition of “Nachtgärtnern”. Datscha Radio is a moving art radio program that broadcasts from various gardens around the world - an initiative just awarded with “Auszeichnung künstlerischer Projekträume und -initiativen” by the Senat für Kultur und Europa - which we celebrated with champagne while broadcasting. Congratulations again!

Since this night was dedicated to the nightingale, I made a brand-new life set called Copper and Song, diving one more time into my field recordings of Isfahan, remembering that the copper smiths held nightingales in cages that sang along rhythmically to the men beating the copper. Well, it was great to be on the radio in Berlin (88.4, Potsdam 88.7-and online of course), at night, wondering who, apart from family and friends, is tuning in. And to see these gardens in the south of Berlin, to meet the makers of this program I’d been following for a while, and other artists who played wonderful pieces, all dedicated to the nightingales.

Below the schedule, and pictures of last night, and a memory of me recording that day in Isfahan.

20.32 16th Century Choir: “The Nightingale” composed by Thomas Weelkes from the collection “Phantasticke Spirits for Three Voices”
– Evenings’s Introduction
– Matt Hatters Garden: radiophonic poems on nightingales
– Rundgang im Garten |Introduction of location | Niki Matita’s Luscinia-Mix I
– ca. 21 Uhr: Leonie Roessler: Copper and Song – Elektronische Echtzeitmusik – komponiert mit Feldaufnahmen aus Isfahan, aufgenommen während des Limited Access Festival 6 im Februar 2016. With a talk about Persian nightingales. DE
Secret-plein-aire (Niki Matita & Walter Schulze): live impro w/ synths
– ca. 22:00 JD Zazie, Mat Pogo: “Domestic Nightingales” Live!
– Rosanna Lovell plays nightingale scores (clarinet) and/or something else
– 00.00 Midnightingales: A choir rehearsal
– Katt Hernandez “Amid the alien corn”
– Niki Matita’s Luscinia-Mix II
– ca. 1:00 raw audio: “Night Inhale”. Twittering Presences…
– ca. 1:30 David Rothenberg talks about nightingales in Berlin and his book “Nightingale Cities” and CD. EN
– Felicity Mangan, “stereo’frog’ic”, 20min
– Nightingales Comparisons: Charlottenburg Rosenthal, Prenzlauer Berg and and “Eclectic Mix” by Udo Noll: Imaginative shop talks
– ca. 3.00 Kate Donovan, Gabi Schaffner, Nico Petidan: Slow Storytelling: Ode to a Nightingale and more. DE,EN
– 05.00 Coffee Time? “The Nightingale” | phone version.
– 05.33 The sun rises (end)

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