Motabar-Roessler at VROOOM, Rotterdam

Thursday, 30th March 2017 – 20:30

Great line-up for this edition of VROOOM. We are proud to play our set in between The Garden of Fifths and Sixths (NL/UK), and Paul Clipson with Shinya Sugimoto and Jeremy Young (UK/JP/US). When: Thursday March 30 at 20:30 o’clock. Where: Pink Pank: Ergens in 010, 3000 AA Rotterdam, Netherlands

Here some more info: The 47th Vrooom is a multilayered media event that revolves around the Live Cinema performance ‘Total Fiction’, an Iranian/German Sonology duo, and a new project from the notorious Xentos ‘Fray’ Bentos, the man that gave homosexuality a good name (in the UK). Last but not least Ángel Prior will be DJ’ing some tunes.

[ A 16mm film projection event with live improvised score ]
• Jeremy Young – reel-to-reel tapes and electronics
• Shinya Sugimoto – piano and electronics
• Paul Clipson – 16mm films
Taking its name from Shinya Sugimoto & Jeremy Young’s forthcoming LP featuring cellist Julia Kent, “Total Fiction” is a live score performance to a 16mm film projection by Paul Clipson that will change night by night in reaction to the properties of each space these artists are performing at. Like all of Clipson’s film collage works, this will be frenetic. It will span movements both in stark black and white and bright analog color. Sugimoto and Young will work to bring out auditory characters, narratives, themes and transitional arcs from the celluloid, while at times challenging the pictures to provide new meaning in new sonic contexts. Shinya Sugimoto performs on piano and Max MSP triggered processing, while Young will be utilizing his analog electronics such as reel-to-reel tape loops, oscillators, AM radio and contact mic’d objects and surfaces to build textural and tonal color palettes throughout the evening.
Yeremy Young:
Shinya Sugimoto:
Paul Clipson:

• Sohrab Motabar – live electronics and glitch sounds
• Leonie Roessler – classic guitar, field recordings, soundscapes
Sohrab Motabar (Iran), and Leonie Roessler (originally from Germany) started their collaboration while studying together at the Institute of Sonology. Their duo pieces are improvised within a strictly fixed form, exploring ways of interweaving sound components ranging from harsh and loud to introspective and detailed, creating an unique tapestry of sound. Leonie and Sohrab have performed their works in NL and in cities like Berlin, Tehran, and Isfahan.

[ featuring: Xentos ‘Fray’ Bentos, Titi Tabarnac & Lee Lagerwall ]
The Garden Of Fifths And Sixths is a peculiar assemblage of outsiders. Xentos is the legendary sole artistic survivor of the notorious ‘Homosexuals’ scene, where bands and records sprouted like poppies before disappearing into the void. Lots of releases of those days survived in obscure rereleases by likewise obscure labels. Xentos has worked with Rotterdam musician Titi Tabarnac as Perfect Vacuum, and made the album ‘A Guide to the music of the 21th century’. Scottish artist Luke Fowler made a documentary about Xentos in which the latter refused to appear; ‘The way Out’. Under the name ‘Harmon Y Phraisier’, Xentos made a series of absurdist radioplays for Radio Resonance 104.4 FM. Xentos’ work has an overdeveloped pop-sensibility, mixed with a natural feeling for shameless absurdism and virtuoso musicianship gone wrong.

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