Audio DH Launch Party

Thursday, 22nd September 2016

I submitted Tehrsfahan for this project and am curious to see what happened to my material… Sounds like mad fun in any case!

Conceived and directed by Francisco López audio-DH is a collaborative project of epic proportions that weaves the sounds of 250 of The Hague’s creative minds into an exploration of the city’s vibrant sonic tapestry.

With the help of fellow composer Barbara Ellison and the artist platform iii, 50 curators were invited to rally the city’s creative community, gathering contributions from composers, experimental musicians, sound artists, noise makers etc.. in the broadest and most inclusive definition of contemporary sonic creativity. The response was outstanding, resulting in a collection of 195 tracks by 250 artists.

On September 22nd at Korzo theatre, in collaboration with TodaysArt, iii has the pleasure to make the outcome of the project public.

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