Motabar-Roessler Duo

Leonie Roessler and Sohrab Motabar

Based in La Haye, Sohrab Motabar (Iran) and Leonie Roessler (Germany, USA) started their collaboration while studying together at the Institute of Sonology.

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The pieces are improvised within a strictly fixed form and contain three basic elements: Classical Guitar (Roessler), Live Electronics and Glitch Sounds (Motabar), and Soundscapes made from Field Recordings (Roessler). The duo is continuously exploring new ways of interweaving these components. Ranging from harsh and loud to introspective and detailed, their sound creates a unique tapestry.

The Duo has performed their works all over The Netherlands, in Berlin, in Tehran and Isfahan. This year brought them back to Iran for a second tour, this time of Tehran and the North, including Sari and Amol. The duo is currently working with poet Carmen van Haaren and Amsterdam-based jazz guitarist Wil Schmal.

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