Cultural Spaces

Cultural Spaces is a sound installation project that was recently featured in The Story of Space Festival (India), twice in Iran for Limited Access Festival and at New Media Society, and twice in the The Hague during Hoogtij and Museumnacht at the Nutshuis.

The Iran pieces were released as an album Tehrsfahan at Musica Dispersa Records in Barcelona.

A number of these compositions were featured on the radio for Radiophrenia Art Radio Festival, Concertsender, Lights Out Listening, Syrphe Collaboradio Berlin, Musica Dispersa Radio, and Radio RAAR. My cycle of six The Hague pieces was featured monthly on The Cutty Strange on Wavefarm.

"Harbor", part of the The Hague series, was competition winner for GRIT Collaborative in the US. "Haagse Markt" and "Grote Kerk" were winners of the Ars Electronica Competition for Forum Wallis, Switzerland.

"Panjim and Then", product of the Field Recordings made during The Story of Space Festival in India, were presented by Azimuth Foundation at Studio Loos in 2018. I had made an 18 channel piece out of the material.

Tehrsfahan is part of my three Iran pieces. It is a bridge between Tehran and Isfahan, a puzzle that uses sounds of both places and is slowly pulled apart. It was initially part of Francisco Lopez and Barbara Ellison's project Audio DH.

Project Details

During my residencies I have made portraits of The Hague, Tehran, Isfahan, the Lithuanian Countryside, and Panjim (Goa, India). I exhibit the portraits in the form of a stereo installation that loops. The pieces are between 20 and 45 minutes long. People can sit or lie down and close their eyes, be transported to different place. And while spending time in a place presenting my work, I go outside and find the essential sounds of that very place, so that I can make a piece from it to present to the next city that I have a chance to show my work in (and to bring it back if possible).

It is a nomad project for to be enjoyed by the general public but without compromising a high level of artistry. I carefully record my environment, sometimes returning at various times of the week and day, to be able to record all that a place has to offer. I select the most typical and interesting sounds, sometimes out of hours of material collected, and arrange it into a musical composition for the listener. I detect rhythms and patterns and layer them. I cut my sound files and use volume changes and panning, but never any effects.

The goal is to provide a work that is artistically interesting while creating an authentic portrait of a place. I am preserving something that might be gone sooner than we expect. (Will there be drones flying through my recordings in the future? Will the trams be less characteristic once replaced with more current models? What will transportation sound like twenty years from now?

Live Set
I created a laptop live set out of the material I recored in Goa. I premiered it at Helicopter in The Hague, and then played it at Musica Dispersa Experimental Night in Madrid. I will create a live set for each destination as this project continues. Below the recording from Helicopter:

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